Create Customers for Life

We deliver the methodology, resources, relationships and tools required to design, implement and win with Technology-as-a-Service.

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What if you could provide your customers today’s best technology for the cost of a cup of coffee per day?

ATTCo Global Services partners with IT manufacturers, distributors and resellers to develop Technology-as-a-Service programs that enable end-users to purchase hardware, software and services through a low-cost monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Your customers don’t need large capital budgets because they make one low subscription payment. This means you don’t have to discount product and can add more of your value-add services to each order.
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We work with specialized finance partners who are experts in funding technology products. We find the best rate on the market so you can offer your customer the best solution and remove price as a barrier.
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Our product suite gives you real-time subscription building, instant quotes and completely compliant contracts in minutes. The tools are easy to understand and intuitive to use.
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Your customers have the opportunity to add additional products and services at any time, and have flexible terms when it comes to refreshing old equipment. You become the trusted technology partner to your customer and work with them to build their long-term solution roadmap so they can focus on doing what they do best – running their business.
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Why Technology as a Service?

Businesses require the latest technology to remain current and competitive. Keeping things up to date can be stressful. Hardware and software is often expensive and can rapidly become obsolete. Investing in the right technology often means companies don't have a budget for value-add IT services. With so much capital invested in technology, companies can find their cash flow and growth limited.

Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) aims to solve these problems by offering cutting-edge technology products on a subscription basis. Instead of shelling out up front for the full cost of products and services, customers are able to pay a low monthly, quarterly or annual fee for the technology they want, upgrading it or returning it as their business needs evolve. The business landscape is changing. Thanks to technology subscription solutions, the need for a hefty capital budget for IT is no longer an obstacle standing in the way of a company’s success.

To offer our customers unsurpassed subscription rates on hardware, software and services, ATTCo partners with top finance partners from around the globe. Using our world-class software, we’ve automated the process for manufacturers, distributors and resellers to keep things simple, fast, and fuss-free.

Among the many benefits of Device-as-a-Service, PC-as-a-Service or Hardware-as-a-Service models, subscription is the opportunity for vendors, distributors and resellers to create customers for life. The ability to quickly and easily add their own services, update old technology and offer low subscription payments is extremely appealing to customers.

ATTCo helps the IT community streamline the lengthy and expensive method of IT financing, consolidating all products and services into a single bill and automating subscription management. The benefits of TaaS for end-users are clear:

  • Lower payments
  • Subscription flexibility
  • Simple automated quote and contract process
  • Continuous access to the best and most current technology
  • Additional services such as installation, maintenance, and support offered at little to no extra cost
  • Technology acquisition, management, and recycling handled through a single agreement

For vendors, distributors and resellers looking to implement Technology-as-a-Service within their business in the most effective and efficient way possible, with minimal impact to your day-to-day business, ATTCo is the best solution.