What We Do

We deliver the methodology, resources, relationships and tools required to design, implement and win with Technology-as-a-Service. Our expertise in subscription contracts, global financial partnerships and proven experience in sales and channel development results in minimal resource requirements from your business. That gives you speed and efficiency to market, less cost to your bottom line and increased revenue by providing your customers a simple alternative to a hefty capital outlay for their technology needs.

We enable you to provide latest technology for your customers, today, at a fraction of the cost of a CAPEX deal.

By implementing a flexible, affordable subscription service, you provide value to your customers by offering:

  • Immediate access to the best technology
  • A manageable funding solution
  • End-to-end implementation for a high quality experience
  • Dedicated support for technology adoption and improved utilisation
  • Custom designed technology solutions to meet client business needs
  • Scheduled technology refreshes without requiring ongoing capital budgets

What's in it for your customer?

Best Technology, Today

You don't need to wait to have the best technology, regardless of budget.

Maximum Value

Save up to 30% on local cost of ownership through a subscription model.

Rapid Deployment

Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective. Allows for more consistent solutions and frequent technology refreshes.

Single Contract

Your customers have all of their "Technology-as-a-Service" under one agreement - just like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructures.

Pay for Availability

For business critical solutions, subscriptions can be based on service up-time.

Services are Included

High quality implementation, proactive services, maintenance, training, other variable costs.

What's in it for you?

Create Business Potential

'Technology as a Service' changes the nature of any competitive deal and creates opportunities where none existed. Our proven model gives you an edge over the competition because you offer a streamlined, affordable solution to enable any organisation to simply and cost-effectively acquire the latest technology solutions.

This means that you:

  • Improve margin because you face less competitive price pressure
  • Reduce cost of sales because customers come back to expand and upgrade
  • Build annuity sales pipelines through customer contracts and proactive technology refreshes
  • Improve sales ROI due to increased sales efficiency